Special Edition Report: 2017 Race Schedule Announced

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Now that the holiday season is a distant memory and the two most depressing months are upon us it’s time to announce my 2017 race schedule. In all I’m registered for just nine events this upcoming season. This is a … Continued

Mile 50: Event Day Experience – Tri-State Tough Mudder 2016

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By now you should know, through my previous posts, how “tough” Tough Mudder is. Yes, this event was tough. Yes, it was because of the frigid temperatures and constant rainfall. Yes, this was officially the last time I register for … Continued

Mile 48: Event Day Experience – 2016 Hardcore Mudd Run Sprint

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I didn’t have many expectations for this race. However, I’ve completed a fair amount of OCR’s so there were a few things that I thought I would expect to see. Hardcore Mudd Run is the most different OCR I’ve ever … Continued

Mile 41: Mid Season Obstacle Review

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I can’t believe it’s already the mid point to my racing season. Seven events down (Spartan Beast, MD Savage Race, Tough Mudder, MuckFest MS, PA Rugged Maniac, BattleFrog 8K and PA Savage Race) and only six more to go (NJ … Continued

Mile 35: Tough Mudder Obstacles…A Challenging Variety

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There are a couple different reasons why people always sign up for Tough Mudder events. Some people like the fact that it’s an untimed event centered around teamwork. Others enjoying a 10 mile hike with plenty of obstacles, most of … Continued

Mile 26: 2015 OCR Event Rankings

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Woo hoo we did it! We completed 26 miles for a marathon of posts. Thanks for sticking around with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed it like I have. I really enjoy posting my season end event rankings. It’s a good time … Continued

Mile 21: Event Day Experience – My First BattleFrog 8k

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This race came out of nowhere. I had never heard of it until a few weeks after the New Year. Cait’s sister, Lauren, found it and shared it with us on our Facebook group page. See! Another awesome reason for … Continued

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