Special Edition Report: What’s New in the OCR World?

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With all the hype around the upcoming Olympics, Bachelorette season finale and Pokemon Go you might have missed some of the latest announcements in the OCR world. If you don’t follow any of those things then you probably are aware of the two big announcements that were made within the past week. Spartan Race has finally decided to redesign their finisher medal for 2017 and Tough Mudder released it’s newest event, Toughest Mudder. So here’s what we know…

Spartan Race Medal Redesign

Everyone in the OCR community holds any Spartan Race finisher medal in high regards. It’s not just a symbol of crossing the finish line it represents everything you need to accomplish so you can cross the finish line. On Instagram people will post their medal displays and there is always a red, blue or green Spartan medal hanging there somewhere. Even though it’s an easily identifiable medal it’s also one that makes few changes from year to year. They are nice, but compared to others they lack in creativity. Well, the time has come for spartans to adopt to some changes. Recently, Spartan Race has created a Facebook event allowing people to submit their medal designs for all races in 2017. From there Spartan Race HQ will choose their favorite design and reward that person with a FREE annual pass. I can honestly say that after about an hour of people posting their medal designs they are better than what Spartan has developed in three years. I’m sure people still enjoy the classic look, but it’s time for a change and it’s going to happen. If you think you have the creative finesse to design this coveted medal then click this link and submit your design. Don’t wait long though, this contest ends on Sunday, August 7th.

Toughest Mudder

A few weeks ago I got an email survey from Tough Mudder requesting my feedback on a proposed 8 hour, 5 mile Tough Mudder. Obviously, I completed the survey and provided my feedback. I’m a big Tough Mudder fan so this concept sounded like something I would attempt. The event would be similar to World’s Toughest Mudder, where you have 24 hours to complete as many laps as you can. Toughest Mudder would be a smaller version of this grueling race. After not hearing anything since submitting the survey on Monday Tough Mudder made the announcement of their newest event. At this time little details are known, but it’s believed to be an event held from 12:00am – 8:00am. They will hold six events within three different countries (US, Canada and the UK). I’m willing to guess there will be two races in each country. Additionally, Tough Mudder formed a partnership with CBS Sports to televise these events in 2017. Later this year CBS Sports will televise World’s Toughest Mudder. A 24 hour World’s Toughest Mudder will make for some great TV so keep an eye on your local TV listings. If there is a Toughest Mudder held locally (knowing my luck there won’t be) Dean and I have already agreed we’ll do it. As more details are released I’ll continue to provide updates. For more information you can click this link and sign up for email notifications.

All information is courtesy of Spartan Race and Tough Mudder. 

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