Special Edition Report: Tough Mudder Releases 2016 Obstacles

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While many of you were probably still watching the post State of the Union commentary, another important announcement was released last night. Tough Mudder officially announced their obstacle lineup for 2016! This has been highly anticipated by both new and returning “mudders.” Each year it seems that Tough Mudder continues to hold true to their slogan “probably the toughest event on the planet.” From experience, I can say it’s definitely a tough event. Upon a quick review of the obstacles I noticed some major changes for 2016 events. In addition to now offering a Tough Mudder “Half” they also have exclusive obstacles for the “Half” that won’t be found on the “Full” course.

 Returning Obstacles:

  • King of the Swingers – I didn’t attempt this obstacle in 2015 and don’t plan on it again for 2016. Sorry, jumping into 12’ of water isn’t my thing.
  • Arctic Enema 2.0 – Yes, unfortunately, the ice bath is back. Since I’m doing the race in May this year, hopefully the outside temperature is warmer than the ice bath temperature.
  • Electroshock Therapy – Luckily for me, since I’m now a legionnaire (someone who has completed a Tough Mudder before), I get a pass on this obstacle. You can guarantee I’m playing that card.
  • Birth Canal – They have this listed as new, but it was at the 2015 Philly Tough Mudder. It’s a fun one so don’t skip it!
  • The Liberator – 12’ vertical incline that uses wood pegs to go up and a rope to get down. Watch your head though! Cait dropped a wood peg on my head in 2015. Don’t be a Cait!
  • Mud Mile 2.0 – I’m a little surprised to see this one returning. It’s a very dangerous obstacle that can result in snapped or sprained ankles. Also make sure you bring your endurance and teamwork for this one. You will need it!
  • Everest 2.0 – This one is pretty much a no brainer. It’s probably the most talked about obstacle on the course. It’s back for your sliding pleasure!
  • Berlin Walls – These are walls that you go over…and over again.
  • Skidmarked – I don’t recall seeing this obstacle before, but it appears you have to climb a wall that has tires mounted halfway up. After climbing to the tires you’ll need to climb over the top. It’s definitely an obstacle that you’ll need help from others.
  • Funky Monkey 2.0 – A nice combination of monkey bars and an iron pipe. You’ll need your guns for this one. In my case, just my arms will be there.
  • Hold Your Wood – This obstacle wasn’t at the 2015 Philly Tough Mudder. It appears you walk with your team, friends or strangers while carrying a wood log up, down or through walls. Sounds rough!
  • Quagmire – Try your hardest to wade through a very deep and thick mud puddle without losing your footwear. I haven’t seen this obstacle before either.
  • Warrior Carry – A piggy back ride with a friend or stranger!
  • Balls To The Wall – A 16’ wall that you climb up using a rope. Per Tough Mudder, it’s the tallest wall on the course.
  • Kiss of Mud 2.0 – Crawl under barbed wire through the mud. Be careful though! Barbed wire is sharp.
  • Shawshanked- After crawling through mud and under barbed wire you climb up a culvert pipe followed by a 5’ drop into water. Apparently the water is cold too.

 New Obstacles:

  • The Block Ness Monster – Based off of the description, it appears you’ll be climbing or rolling over 60’ of slick and rotating barriers. You’ll need help on this one in the form of a push or pull.  

 Revamped Obstacles:

  • Pyramid Scheme – It seems pretty similar to Block Ness Monster. You have to get over a slippery incline and it requires a lot of teamwork.
  • Cage Crawl –Navigate under a steel fence by swimming under it. Don’t worry, there is a small area for air!  

 Half Obstacle Exclusives:

  • Flying Squirrel – Hold onto the zip line or you’ll either crash into the trampoline or mud pit below.
  • Walk The Plank – I think this is pretty much self explanatory. If not you can always ask a pirate…if you can find one.

 Legionnaire Exclusives:

  • Frequent Flyer’s Club – It appears if we are unable to dodge wires (non-electric) we will fall into a crash pad below. I’ll take this over Electroshock Therapy any day!
  • Rain Man – A “tougher” version of the Cage Crawl. You’ll be in the dark and in deeper water. To make it even more challenging water will be poured on top of you too. I’m hoping I get the Frequent Flyer’s Club option instead of this one.

 The 2016 Tough Mudder is going to have some rough obstacles, but all of them look like fun and require a lot of teamwork. If you think you’re “tough” enough and are ready to kick some obstacle butt, then go sign up today! For more information about the Tough Mudder and the above obstacles you can visit www.toughmudder.com.

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