Special Edition Report: Spartan Race Competitive Wave

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In case you missed it, there was some big news from the Spartan Race camp today. Starting in March 2016 a new racing wave will be offered on race day. A Competitive Wave has been added to the pre-existing Elite and Open Waves. The Competitive Wave will immediately follow the Elite Wave and take place before the Open Waves. Per the Spartan Race email I received, they are offering this new wave based off of participant feedback. So, if you were one of those participants that requested or suggested this, then congratulations, your voice has been heard. AROO!

 The Competitive Wave is for those looking for a competitive challenge, but who are not interested in racing for money. In this wave runners will have to follow all the course rules, which includes attempting and completing each obstacle on pain of penalty (i.e. burpees). Runners will be able to track their results and will be ranked in their regional area. The Regional Area’s are: North, South, Central and West. The runner with the highest amount of points will be crowned the winner. Obviously, the more events you run, the higher your score will be in the end. If you’re feeling competitive at your first or next Spartan Race, then this might be the wave for you.

 In case you’re wondering, I’ll continue to race in the Open Wave. I like racing with a team and with people who don’t do this for a living. However, I can see the Competitive Wave being a huge motivational factor for those wanting to achieve more at these races. I will say, I probably won’t rule out attempting a Competitive Wave sometime before I hang my shoes up.  What are your thoughts on this new Competitive Wave?

 For more information about the Spartan Race or about the Elite, Competitive and Open Waves you can visit www.spartan.com

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