Special Edition Report: Muddy Mortal Ceases Operations

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Effective immediately, the Harry Potter themed, Muddy Mortal OCR has ceased their operations and cancelled all their events for 2017. Muddy Mortal had yet to host an official event this year after cancelling their first few events. Those participants began to question whether Muddy Mortal was a legitimate OCR, facing new operation struggles, or if this organization was defrauding everyone. With the sudden closure and bankruptcy claim it appears it either was fraud or simply an organization in way over its head. For those participants that did register it is suggested you call your bank immediately to dispute the charges as a merchant dispute. Since there is no clear evidence of fraud you cannot claim that.

From personal experience I called my bank and they are going to credit my account. Muddy Mortal will be able to dispute so I’ll find out just how legitimate they really are. This was the race I was most looking forward to this year. Now, it’s just a race that will never happen. I won’t even get my quidditch broom!

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