Pre-Race Report: Tri-State Tough Mudder 10/9

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I decided less than a month ago that I wanted to register for another Tough Mudder before the season was over. Luckily I found one that is less than two hours away. I said I wouldn’t do another Tough Mudder in October, but I just really wanted another headband and a 3x headband. It’s sad I know especially because I don’t do anything with them. All my other headbands just sit in a box. One day I’ll do something with them.

The Tri-State Tough Mudder is being held in Englishtown, NJ. Yes, the same venue I’ve already been to twice this year and once last year. Soon I won’t even need my GPS to get there anymore. This will be my first Tough Mudder at Englishtown and I’m expecting a lot of mud since BattleFrog (RIP), Rugged Maniac and Terrain Race all left me covered in mud. The course is between 10-12 miles and all of Tough Mudder’s signature obstacles will be there.

The only thing I’m concerned about with this Tough Mudder is the cold. Yeah it’s going to be really cold. For the third straight Tough Mudder the temperatures are low and rain is in the forecast. I’m still determined to be at a Tough Mudder when both of these aren’t a factor. I don’t think anyone could be this unlucky. To combat the cold this time I’m bringing a foil blanket and two winter hats to keep me somewhat warm. Honestly though the best thing I can do is keep moving so I can finish faster.

This will be my first Tough Mudder and first race with a brand new team. Today, I’ll be running with team Let’s Get DIRTY. I’m excited about running with new people, but nervous because I don’t know any of them. I met them through Tough Mudder’s online forum for people looking for a team. Through our group texts I think these will be some awesome people to battle the course with today.

I had to majorly switch things up with my gear list for this Tough Mudder. To my disappointment I’ll need the camelbak again. I didn’t think I would need this again until next year. Below are all the other items I’m bringing:

  • Photo ID (wallet)
  • Tough Mudder entry ticket & parking pass (required)
  • Waiver
  • Confirmation Email (saved on my phone)
  • Running Shoes
  • Running Clothes (shirt, compression shorts, compression pants)
  • Flip Flops (for the after race showers)
  • Towel
  • Change of Clothes & Shoes (switching to sweatpants now)
  • Backpack
  • Race Socks
  • Arm Sleeves (from Sleefs)
  • Hydration Pack with fruit snacks, Starbursts, extra hat, first aid kit (I’ll keep these in freezer bags to keep the water out)
  • Plastic Bags for muddy clothes and shoes
  • Rain Poncho (before and after the race)
  • Foil Warming Blanket
  • Race gloves

Weather Report: rain..rain…and more rain. I’m pretty sure it’s going to rain all morning. We race at 9:45am so I’m anticipating starting and finishing in the rain. The temperature won’t even break 60 degrees. Can I just complete one Tough Mudder with some sun?

Even though I’m not looking forward to the cold temperatures tomorrow I’m still looking forward to another Tough Mudder. They are one of the best in the business and hardly ever disappoint. As long as I don’t pass out from hypothermia I’ll have a Facebook Live video sometime later today or possibly Monday evening. Wish me luck!

In the next mile I’ll have my full review on the Tri-State Tough Mudder

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