Pre-Race Report: Tough Mudder 5/21

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Wow, Philly Tough Mudder 2016 came up fast. I was happy to find out after the October 2015 race that they moved the race to May 2016. We have a better chance of warmer temperatures and sunshine compared to last year. Well, unfortunately that may not be the case for this race. We will get to the weather report later, but just know it doesn’t look good for us. I’m still excited about this race, regardless of the expected weather. This will be my second Tough Mudder within 6 months. This time I’m hoping for better results and a quicker finish. Tough Mudder doesn’t time their events, but the last one felt like we spent days on the course. This obviously isn’t true, but when you don’t have anything to keep track of the time minutes feel like hours. Not to mention each mile seems longer than the previous one. The goal is always just to finish, but I’d like to do it a little faster this time.

One of the biggest changes for myself for this race is that I’ll be with a new team. Unfortunately, most of The Running Dead will be fending off the zombies elsewhere. This year I’ll be with Where’s Dean? If you remember, Dean was with us at the Tough Mudder last year. Keith will be at this one too. We are a part of a team of nine. Nine worked really well last year so it should be great again this year. Running with some new people, that I don’t know, should provide a new and different experience. I’m looking forward to it.

Tough Mudder has some new changes too. They have a new sponsor, Merrell and some new and very innovative obstacles. They obviously spent some time developing these. Merrell joins Tough Mudder after sponsoring Down & Dirty for the past few years. Along with their sponsorship they are bringing new finisher tech tees (something people begged for) and their own exclusive Tough Mudder branded shoes. If they have them at the merchandise tent I’ll try to get a photo so you can see them. As far as obstacles go the new ones are The Blockness Monster, Pyramid Scheme, Backstabber and Frequent Flyers’ Club. Each of them look like a a lot of fun. I’ll be able to share more about them after Saturday. 

The event will be at the same venue as the October event. The only difference is a new course layout and they rearranged some of the obstacles. It appears we get to wait a little longer to experience the cold wrath of Arctic Enema 2.0.  The course will be a little more than 10 miles and 20 obstacles. It’s a good venue for this type of event. There’s a good mix of some rolling hills, open fields and wooded terrain. Plus they have acres and acres to create new courses each year. Hopefully they continue to come back each year. I love it because it’s so close to home.

For a 10 mile course that means I’ll need my hydration pack (Gatorade and water) with nutritional goodies (granola bars, fruit snacks, Starbursts). I won’t need the glow sticks, headlamp or batteries. I’ll be bringing the warming blanket just in case, but I don’t expect to use it. There will be water stations on the course, but 10 miles is pretty long so I want to ensure I have enough hydration for the entire time. Below is my Tough Mudder checklist

  • Photo ID (wallet)
  • Tough Mudder entry ticket (required)
  • Waiver
  • Confirmation Email (saved on my phone)
  • Running Shoes
  • Running Clothes (shirt, compression shorts, compression pants)
  • Flip Flops (for the after race showers)
  • Towel
  • Change of Clothes & Shoes
  • Backpack
  • Race Socks
  • Arm Sleeves (from Sleefs)
  • Hydration Pack with Nutrigrain Bars, fruit snacks, Starbursts, 1 Gatorade and 1 water bottle (I’ll keep these in freezer bags to keep the water out)
  • Plastic Bags for muddy clothes and shoes
  • Rain Poncho (before and after the race)
  • Warming Blanket

Are you still curious about the weather?

Weather Report: lots of rain…seriously it’s going to rain all day. 57 degrees with a 80% chance of rain. So much for warm temperatures and sunny skies….

This race should be a lot of fun even with the rain and freezing cold temperatures. I’ll be with some new people and hopefully have some good stories to share. In the next mile I’ll report on my Event Day Experience at the Tough Mudder. It will be muddy I’m sure.

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