Pre-Race Report: Savage Race 6/25

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Just a day away from my first Savage Syndicate medal. This upcoming race is exciting for two reasons. 1. I get to attempt all of Savage Race’s awesome obstacles again. 2. Following the completion of this race I’ll get the Savage Race Syndicate medal. More information can be found here about the Syndicate program. To make it short, when you complete two or more Savage Race’s in a calendar year you get a special medal and an awesome state pin of the race location. Plus you get another finisher t-shirt and finisher medal. At this point, it appears I’ll have 2 Savage Race medals, 2 state pins (Maryland & Pennsylvania) and the Syndicate medal. I’m all about the bling and this is a lot of it!

I’ve only completed the Savage Race in Maryland (2014 & 2016). This will be my first attempt at the Pennsylvania one. From everything I read about and heard about this venue sounds like a good one. The race is being held on a paintball field just south of Mt. Pocono. Hopefully there won’t be any paintballer’s up there because that could be an unpleasant obstacle. I can see it now…running across a field while being pelted by paintballs. I’ve actually done that before. It isn’t fun and more painful than any obstacle on any OCR circuit. They’ll probably be tons of paintballs on the course though, which means instead of getting rocks in my shoes I’ll get paint. Just what I’ve always wanted.

Keith and Cait did the Savage Race with me a few weeks ago. Both of them really enjoyed the race. However, this time only Keith will be with me. Not sure what Cait is doing, but if I had to guess she is probably painting birdhouses. Seriously, she does that and is pretty good at it too.

The last Savage Race took me 02:36:41. This race is roughly the same distance as the BattleFrog last week, which took 02:03:57. My goal for this race is 01:45:00. I’m hoping we don’t hit any lines because if we do it could result in the same time as our last Savage Race. Unfortunately, the last Savage Race had a significant line at Pole Cat. Lines at obstacles aren’t good, but their obstacles are worth the wait.

I’ll be bringing the same gear at last week and the last Savage Race. Below is the official Savage Race gear list. No hydration pack needed. This race is one of the few that offers water bottles, not cups, at the water stations.

Photo ID (wallet)


Confirmation Email (saved on my phone)

Running Shoes

Running Clothes (shirt, compression shorts, compression pants)

Flip Flops (for the after race showers)


Change of Clothes & Shoes


Sunscreen (I hate sunscreen, but I don’t want to burn!)


Bucket Hat

Race Socks


Arm Sleeves (from Sleefs)

Plastic Bags (to put all my race clothes and shoes in)

Weather Report: Ah, we are finally hitting a nice streak in the weather. No rain or bad weather is expected. 82 degrees and sunny all day.

I’ll be sure to post many post-race photos of the Syndicate medal. I haven’t seen many pictures of it yet, but it appears to be huge. Stay tuned for my next mile. I’ll have my full post-race review on the PA Savage Race.

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