Pre-Race Report: PA Warrior Dash 8/27

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Tomorrow will be my fourth Warrior Dash and hopefully not my last. The Warrior Dash is an OCR I can’t give up on. They might not have the most innovative or even a lot of obstacles, but this is still a race I enjoy. However, as each year passes Warrior Dash has decreased their amount of events. This is concerning to me because I would be pretty disappointed if Warrior Dash suddenly ceased operations. The OCR community was just shocked with BattleFrog’s recent departure. This proves that big name races are not exempt from the possibility of being a race of the past. I truly hope this doesn’t happen to Warrior Dash.

Warrior Dash will once again be at Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, PA. The course will be the standard 3.3 miles around the outside of the racetrack. This year the race will start where we’ve finished the past three years and go in the opposite direction. There will be a total of 12 obstacles throughout the course. Maybe this small change will make this race more exciting for future events.

One of the biggest differences between Warrior Dash and other OCR events is that a $10.00 donation fee to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is applied during registration for preferred waves. To date Warrior Dash has raised over $13 million dollars for them. If you want to run for a great cause then Warrior Dash should be your first choice.

Since this is a short race I won’t need much in terms of gear. Below is my list:

Photo ID (wallet)

Confirmation Email (saved on my phone)

Running Shoes

Running Clothes (shirt, compression shorts, compression pants)

Flip Flops (for the after race showers)



Change of Clothes & Shoes


Race Socks

Race Gloves


Arm Sleeves (from Sleefs)

Weather Report: Mostly sunny with a high of 83 degrees. It should be nice weather all day tomorrow.

In the next mile I’ll have my full race review on the PA Warrior Dash.

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  1. Deb

    I hope it doesn’t go away either! I’m definitely going to up my OCRs next year! Have super duper much fun tomorrow!

    • Jeff Cole

      I hope it doesn’t either. It might not be the flashiest of them all out there, but it’s still a good race and they have a nice festival area for family and friends. The race was went well yesterday. I didn’t hit any lines so that was nice.

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