Pre-Race Report: NJ Rugged Maniac 7/10

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I’m so excited that I get to do my favorite OCR again in just a few days. Rugged Maniac is coming to New Jersey and I’ll be there along with my JAM! Just Another Mile team. Keith, Cait, Lauren (Cait’s sister) and Tyler (my brother) are all joining me for this race. For all of them this will be their first rugged experience. I’m looking forward to seeing their reactions during and after the race. I have no doubts that they will each enjoy this experience.

I’ve been told by Rugged Maniac that the New Jersey event is one of their best races. It could be a reason why they hold the race both on Saturday and Sunday. Most of Rugged Maniac’s races are one day events except for New Jersey and New England. Since I only signed up for this event a few weeks ago all of their Saturday times were filled and only a few openings remained for Sunday. It appears this race will be popular and full of people having a good time.

The race is being held at Englishtown Raceway Park. Sound familiar? I’ve been to this venue before during the BattleFrog 8K race in 2015. I’ll also be here again in a few weeks for the Terrain Race. I’m expecting a lot of mud, hopefully some running on the motocross course and some tough wooded terrain. This should be a great course.

The course will be 3 miles and packed with 25 obstacles. I’ll be bringing the exact same items that I brought to the Pennsylvania Rugged Maniac. Below is my gear list:

Photo ID (wallet)

Confirmation Email (saved on my phone)

Running Shoes

Running Clothes (shirt, compression shorts, compression pants)

Flip Flops (for the after race showers)



Change of Clothes & Shoes


Race Socks

Arm Sleeves (from Sleefs)

Plastic Bags for muddy clothes and shoes

My goal for this race is to finish with my team and leave no one behind. Last time I completed this race in 45 minutes, but I’m less concerned with time at this race. These races are meant to be fun and I plan on having a blast on Sunday.

Weather Report: 87 degrees and mostly sunny. Hopefully it’s not extremely humid while we’re out there. Luckily, for us Rugged Maniac has a fair amount of water stations on the course.

In the next mile I’ll share my rugged race experience with you. I’m hoping for an even better time than the Pennsylvania race!


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