Pre-Race Report: BattleFrog 8K 6/18

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After the New Jersey BattleFrog last year I knew this was a race I had to attempt again in 2016. I registered for this race within a few days after completing the one from last year. If you remember from my 2015 rankings, BattleFrog made a push for the my top ranking spot with the expectation it could be the my top OCR event in 2016. However, BattleFrog made a disappointing decision and moved the race from an awesome venue to a new one. We’ll be in North Jersey this time on a Scout Reservation. The venue could be better, but I find it hard for them to top Englishtown Raceway. We were running on a Motocross course! My expectations are high for this race, probably higher than any other race this season. Let’s see if they can exceed them.

BattleFrog has faced a lot of scrutiny this season. From rules changes, to elite racer cheating, to the lack of volunteers and obstacles. Lots of people are wondering where the BattleFrog Racing Series is heading. I hope to answer all these questions after my race on Saturday. BattleFrog is the Spartan Race’s biggest competitor. If they want to remain a rival or attempt to beat them in popularity or attendance they can’t have people questioning their motives.

Since this race is at a new venue and has never held a race there before I don’t know what to expect. All I know is the course should be around five miles and at least 25 obstacles. I’m hoping their obstacles are just as challenging as last year. Keith and Cait will be with me for this race. Both of them also ran with me in 2015. It will be fun to run with the team again!

Below is my gear and item list for the BattleFrog race.

Photo ID (wallet)

Confirmation Email (saved on my phone)

Running Shoes

Running Clothes (shirt, compression shorts, compression pants)

Flip Flops (for the after race showers)



Change of Clothes & Shoes


Race Socks

Race Gloves

Arm Sleeves (from Sleefs)

Plastic Bags for muddy clothes and shoes

Weather Report: 84 degrees and mostly sunny. Should be a beautiful day!

A few months after I signed up for this race they ended up offering an event a lot closer to where I live. I thought about switching events, but I got 50% off this race and with the transfer fee it would almost be a full price event. So I’ll just sit back and relax on the way to and from race and let Keith or Cait drive.

In the next mile I’ll have my full race review on BattleFrog. I’m hoping it’s a positive one!

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