Mile 8: What Should I Bring?

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Alright, you’re all signed up, you’ve got you’re gear, your team, and the important “I can” attitude. Now you have to ensure you bring some essentials for before and after the race. The good thing about this is that you can fit most of what you need into a backpack or duffle bag.

  • Photo ID- If you’re driving, you obviously need this. Most races require that you show photo ID during packet pickup. Also if you plan on utilizing your beer ticket, you better have your ID. No ID equals no beer, plain and simple.
  • Cash- You’ll need it for parking and bag check (unless either is free). Most merchandise tents and food vendors have credit card capabilities now. Still, you should always have cash in case they don’t, and you really want that new hoodie, giant pretzel and another beer.
  • Wallet- There is a good chance if you forgot the first two items you also forgot this one. This happened to me once and won’t happen again. Luckily, I was able to race. Don’t be a Jeff!
  • Event day ticket- I always have it either saved on my phone or printed on paper. You traveled all this way, and to be turned away for a missing ticket would be awful. The more proof of purchase you have, the better.
  • Waiver- You can fill these out the day of the event. I like to have it filled out in advance so I’m not waiting around for a pen. What a waste of time!
  • Flip-flops- Yes, I said flip-flops. There is no better way to rinse off after the race than with a pair of these. You don’t want to wear your extra pair of shoes until you are back at the car and away from the water and mud.
  • Extra shoes- Chances are you won’t be wearing your shoes home. Cait forgot her shoes once. We made fun of her and still make fun of her for it. Don’t be a Cait!
  • Extra clothes- I’m willing to bet no one wants to wear his or her mud clothes home. You’ll need something fresh for the ride so you don’t stink up the car.
  • Towel- Unless you want to air dry, a towel will do it faster. It also helps get all the mud out of your hair… well most of it anyway. John didn’t bring a towel once. Don’t be a John!
  • Trash or grocery bags- You’ll need something to carry all your muddy clothes home after the race. It’s also a courtesy for the person driving. Their trunk shouldn’t have your mud in it.
  • Water/Gatorade/Snacks- You just ran a grueling race with little to no water and definitely no food. Don’t eat the leaves or berries! Have these items stored in a cooler in the car. You’ll thank yourself later.

This list is pretty simple, but you’ll need to get in the habit of remembering everything from it. Feel free to use this as checklist so that you don’t forget anything important. Before I finish, there are a few optional items below that seem to be becoming popular. You can add these if you’d like.

  • Shampoo/Soap- I guess if you have a hot date after the race with no time to shower, the rinsing shower is just as good. I’ve seen more and more people use these things to clean off after the race. No doubt it works, but save the shower for home.
  • Go-Pro- Keith uses a Go-Pro and we thoroughly enjoy the post-race footage. It can take photos as well. Sometimes though they can get in the way, and once they’re muddy they are hard to clean. The battery seems to die pretty fast, so Keith suggests only recording during the obstacles. That’s the most important part!
  • Extra Towels- You may want some extra towels to line the seats of your vehicle. I don’t think you’ll want to shampoo the interior of your car.

As much as you love to hear me blabber on as I did in previous miles, it’s time to get into some event day experiences. Finally, right?!

In the next mile I’ll share my first Spartan Sprint experience.

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