Mile 61: PA Savage Race 2017

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I had to wait until the half way point in my season for my first Savage Race of 2017. Unfortunately, due to a work trip I couldn’t attend the Maryland Savage Race in April. This also means I have to wait even longer (September) for my second Savage Syndicate medal. Patience is not my thing so this wait is going to bother me for awhile.

The Pennsylvania Savage Race was the toughest Savage Race for me to date. My first one was pretty rough in 2014 (Maryland), but this one topped my first ever Savage Race. The obstacles were challenging, actually very challenging. It would probably my worst obstacle performance at any Savage Race. The obstacles were a lot of fun, but definitely not easy to complete.

The Course

The race was at the same location at Skirmish Paintball in Albrightsville, PA. A lot of the course was in some very dense woods that were not optimal for running. There was a ton of debris, rocks and downed limbs hidden under dead pine needles. One wrong step could’ve resulted in a rolled again or something even worse. Luckily, the course was flat so my legs didn’t get too harsh of a work out.

The Obstacles

As I mentioned before the obstacles were tough. There were a lot of rig type obstacles that required a lot of upper body strength. Since that is my weak point these obstacles were difficult. I didn’t fail all of them, but I definitely struggled. My biggest accomplishment of the day was conquering Sawtooth for the second time. That obstacle is pretty intimidating, but after completion it really motivates me to keep moving. My low point of the day happened at the very last obstacle. I could not get up Colossus. It was disappointing, but it’s something to work on for the Maryland Savage Race.


I got another awesome medal and finisher tee. At my next Savage Race I’ll be able to get another awesome medal, an even bigger syndicate medal and the Pennsylvania and Maryland state pins. It’s just another unique aspect to Savage Race.

Overall Experience

I still firmly believe that Savage Race is the best race in OCR. A great distance and some incredible obstacles. It’s everything anyone could want in an OCR and more. Savage Race is a must do for anyone in the OCR community.

As a side note: I realized during this race that running with a team at Savage Race is a huge help. With their tough obstacles having a team of people around for assistance (physical or mental support) would have been awesome. Next year my goal is to organize a team for this one.


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