Mile 60: JAMMin’ at MuckFestMS

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For the second straight year I attended MuckFestMS Philly. This year I came prepared though. I brought an army of neon pink soldiers ready to conquer the course. For this MuckFest I decided this would be a great way to introduce some friends into the world of OCR. MuckFest is the perfect race to do this too. The obstacles aren’t terribly difficult, the course is rather flat and it’s a race that is centered around fun. I was able to organize a solid team of 10 (including myself). Of those 10 members, six of them had never done an OCR before. I was really excited to see their reactions during the whole day and they did not disappoint. Our JAMM! (Just Another Muckin’ Mile) banded together and crossed the finish line with huge smiles on our faces.

The Course

MuckFestMS Philly was again held on the grounds of the Glen Mills School in Delaware County, PA. The course was flat with barely any elevation. For runners they could easily complete this course in under 20 minutes. We primarily ran through open fields and on a few occasions were able to get a break from the sun in the woods. It’s the perfect course for non-technical runners, joggers and walkers. Compared to last year the course was about a half mile longer.

The JAMM! Team

Everyone had a great time, especially those completing their first OCR. Races are definitely more fun with a team, but a large team is even better. Everyone on our team did a great job too. After it was over all the first timers on the team said they would do another. It’s awesome seeing this sport grow.

The Obstacles

For the most part the obstacles were the same as last year and in the same order. Flying Muckers was the highlight again and a favorite by everyone on the team. There is nothing better than being able to zip-line at a race. This was the only obstacle we hit a line at. Luckily, it moved pretty fast.


I got a pretty sweet arm band for being the team captain. However, it was way too big so it ended up being a leg band. Everyone got their MuckFestMS t-shirt, free beer and an awesome cookie at the finish line. The cookie was really good!

Overall Experience

Everyone on the JAMM! team was smiling and laughing from beginning to end. It was one of the races I’ve had the most fun at while with a team. We conquered the course, mucked around and supported a great cause. All of us are looking forward to MuckFest MS 2018!

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