Mile 58: Another Cold Tough Mudder in Philly

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So let’s rewind here for a minute. 2 weeks prior to the Philly Tough Mudder the weather was looking great. Sunny and in the low 80’s. A bit warm, but still comfortable. Then about a week out the weather was partly cloudy and in the low 70’s. That’s almost ideal weather conditions for a 10+ mile race. I looked at the weather forecast the day before the race and it’s cloudy with a high around 60 degrees. In 2 weeks it dropped 20 degrees and not to mention the day before the race it was sunny and 90 degrees. Not cool mother nature, not cool at all. This ends my weather rant.

The Course

Again the Philly Tough Mudder was held at Plantation Field in Chester County, PA. You know, only 15 minutes from my house. It makes the race enjoyable knowing I won’t have to drive far to get home. There was a lot of elevation gain this year. It definitely was the most challenging course of any previous Tough Mudder. The course ended up being close to 14 miles. It was by far the longest Tough Mudder I’ve ever completed. I wasn’t expecting this length and neither was anyone else on the JAM! team.

The JAM! Team

Speaking of the JAM! team this was my first Tough Mudder with all rookies. They sure didn’t act like it though. All of them crushed the course and the obstacles. I was a pretty proud team captain. We also ran the majority of the course. My knee didn’t like that too much, but it kept us moving the whole time. Everyone on the team said they would do another Tough Mudder again, no question. Once you do one you have to do another.

The Obstacles

True to their name the obstacles were again tough this year. They were possibly the toughest I’ve faced. Blockness Monster and Pyramid Scheme made their presence again. Pyramid Scheme was definitely more difficult this year since we only had a team of four. Ideally for this a team of five or six is the best. Even with four people we still managed to get everyone up and over. Everest 2.0 proved to be difficult again and took our team a few attempts with all of us succeeding. Only John attempted King of the Swingers, unfortunately he did not hit the bell.

My only disappointment with Tough Mudder were the new obstacles. They weren’t overly exciting like last years obstacles. The new obstacles were designed by actual Tough Mudder participants and they were good, but could have been a little better. However, all the obstacles were still a lot of fun.


I collected another t-shirt, headband and a 4x-6x headband. One day soon I’ll have to invest in a headband display of some sort.

Overall Experience

If I could do a couple Tough Mudder’s each season I’d be happy. Unfortunately, they are so expensive that registering for more than two just isn’t financially friendly. If you get the chance to do at least one I suggest you go for it. I promise you won’t regret it.

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