Mile 57: One Month Until Tough Mudder

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My first event of 2017 is only one month away. The Philly Tough Mudder. I’m excited that the Tough Mudder is my first event because it means I get the most difficult race of the season out of the way. It should be smooth sailing from there on out. Unless I decide to sign up for another Tough Mudder, which is a strong possibility.

The Philly Tough Mudder will again be held at the same location as 2015 and 2016. The course and obstacles will be different, but the experience will be same. New this year are some teammates that will be completing their first Tough Mudder. I enjoy completing Tough Mudder’s with new people because I get to see firsthand their experience. I have no doubts they will enjoy their first Tough like I did mine.

Tough Mudder has a lot of new obstacles this year. Augustus Gloop, Kong, Funky Monkey – The Revolution, The Reach Around and Arctic Enema – The Rebirth. All of them look pretty epic and pretty difficult. Click here more information on new and existing Tough Mudder obstacles.

I’m looking forward to my fourth Tough Mudder and getting another headband. My pursuit to 10 Tough Mudder’s is slowly getting closer.

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