Mile 54: 2016 Obstacle Awards

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It’s that time a year again. Time for JAM! Just Another Mile’s Obstacle Awards. Since I did a lot of events in 2016 it was very difficult selecting the winners. It was also difficult trying to remember all the obstacles! As you know by now I love obstacles and they are even better when they are “outside the box.” I encountered a lot of these obstacles at various events throughout the year. There definitely is not a shortage of obstacle creativity.

The categories are the same as 2015. They are as follows: The Favorite Obstacle, The Hardest Obstacle, The Bizarre Obstacle The Worst Obstacle and The Craziest Obstacle.

The Favorite Obstacle

On The Fence from the Savage Race. This obstacle was a lot of fun and presented a good challenge to each runner. On The Fence reminds me of when I was a kid and would scale a fence while pretending the ground was lava. In this case the fence was suspended over water and I didn’t want to fall in and get wet. This obstacle was awesome and I’m looking forward to doing it again in 2017…twice!

Honorable Mentions: Blockness Monster (Tough Mudder) and Flying Muckers (MuckFest MS)

The Hardest Obstacle

Bucket Brigade from Spartan Race. This was my hardest obstacle in 2014 and it was my hardest obstacle in 2016. Spartan Race has the toughest obstacles and this could very well be their toughest. Just imagine carrying a bucket of rocks in the heat and on rough terrain with an incline. It’s not fun and made me question why I would want to do this. Ugh…never again!

Honorable Mentions: Sawtooth (Savage Race) and Tip of the Spear (BattleFog…RIP)

The Bizarre Obstacle

Wheel World from Savage Race. I couldn’t figure this obstacle out at the Maryland event, but was able to complete it at the Pennsylvania event. It’s a pretty strange obstacle. Since I didn’t have the right technique the first time I failed miserably. I didn’t even make it past the first wheel.

Honorable Mentions: Pyramid Scheme (Tough Mudder) and Swingset (MuckFest MS)

The Worst Obstacle

Birthing Canal from Tough Mudder. At the PA Tough Mudder I thought this was a pretty ordinary obstacle. However, at the NJ Tough Mudder it was the worst. Since it rained all night and during the race it put a lot of weight on the plastic tarp I had to crawl under. To make it even worse it was extremely muddy. I got mud all over me and in my eyes at this obstacle. A truly miserable experience.

Honorable Mentions: Big Cheese (Savage Race) and Diesel Dome (Warrior Dash)

The Craziest Obstacle

Flying Muckers from MuckFest MS. This was the only obstacle I encountered all season that had a zip line. It was so much fun! The line for this obstacle was pretty long, but it was all worth it. I hope this obstacle will be back at MuckFest in 2017.

Honorable Mentions: Frog Hop (Rugged Maniac) and Blockness Monster (Tough Mudder)

It was another great year of obstacles. Each year they get better and better. I’m excited about 2017 and all the obstacles I’m going to face.

In my next mile I’ll have my 2016 event rankings. I’ve been thinking a lot about these recently and making a final decision on each event will be very difficult.

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