Mile 51: Event Night Experience – 2016 The Zombie Fun Run

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The Zombie Fun Run is always a bittersweet event. It’s a lot of fun, but it also means it’s the end of OCR season for me. I look forward to this event every year. They don’t have tough obstacles, but they do have zombies and a fair amount of them. This was my second year running the night wave and I ended up running the last wave of the night. I definitely recommend the night wave. It’s more challenging and there was an eerie feeling with the haunted attractions and the zombies.

My goal with this race isn’t time or completing all the obstacles. However, this year I was able to complete the monkey bar obstacle that I failed last year. Each year my goal is always to finish with at least one flag so I’ll be labeled as a survivor. For the third straight year and fourth time overall I finished a survivor. This year I finished with two flags! It’s always a great feeling receiving the survivor medal after crossing the finish line.

For about the first 2.5 miles there weren’t many zombies, but the last half mile had more than enough to make all of us feel uneasy. This was the most challenging part of the course. To make it more challenging we caught up to some people from the wave(s) before us, which caused a few traffic jams making it easier for the zombies to steal our flags. Luckily everyone from The Running Dead came out alive…with our brains intact.

This was the second consecutive year that everyone from our team finished with at least one flag. We hope to keep this streak going in 2017 and beyond. It’s not an easy task, but adds an additional challenge to an already challenging event.

Well, this is my final Event Day Experience for 2016. It’s truly been an amazing year. I’m still finalizing some plans for 2017, but I should have my schedule complete soon. My next posts will be my yearly event and obstacle awards. I have some difficult decisions to make because this year has been full of great events and awesome obstacles. Check back soon!

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      Deb! I finally went through all my spam comments and found this gem. I’ll be posting my schedule right after the new year 🙂

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