Mile 50: Event Day Experience – Tri-State Tough Mudder 2016

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By now you should know, through my previous posts, how “tough” Tough Mudder is. Yes, this event was tough. Yes, it was because of the frigid temperatures and constant rainfall. Yes, this was officially the last time I register for a Tough Mudder in October. It was a huge risk registering for another October event that didn’t pay off. This race was b-r-u-t-a-l. If you hate the cold as much as I do then you’d probably understand my pain. Maybe one day I’ll get to do a Tough Mudder in normal conditions and temperatures. I’m 0/3 thus far, but it will not stop me from doing another one.

I’ve made it my goal before my OCR career is over to complete 10 Tough Mudder’s. I really want that 10x headband. With my Spartan Trifecta complete I’ll now be focusing on Tough Mudder events for the next few years. It will take me a lot longer to obtain a 10x headband than a Spartan Trifecta, but I think it will be more rewarding because it’s more difficult. I’m looking forward to this challenge.

I’m going to try something new on my event day review of Tough Mudder. Instead of huge paragraphs of basically the same information I’m going to point out pros and cons. This should make it a lot easier highlight what each race does right and wrong. I’ll break everything up into the same categories as each of my previous reviews.

The Course Pros:

  • The course was pretty flat minus the motocross hills. I’m not a huge fan of inclines.
  • Course markings were evident.

The Course Cons:

  • With the weather conditions and running on Sunday the course was a complete mess. It was difficult to run because there was mud everywhere.

Obstacle Pros:

  • Pretty much everything about Tough Mudder’s obstacles can be considered a pro. They had all their awesome obstacles.
  • The obstacles were extra challenging because of the mud. A lot of teamwork was needed.

Obstacle Cons:

  • Arctic Enema 2.0 was extra cold and difficult because the water level was higher in the dumpster making it impossible to keep your head above the freezing water.
  • There was hardly any grip on obstacles that had bars or ropes. I didn’t see many people completing these.


I received my 3x headband and another 2016 finisher t-shirt. There was nothing different about the shirt.

Side Notes

I had a great time with everyone from Let’s Get DIRTY. We all worked really well together. That’s one of the Tough Mudder’s highlights. It can bring strangers together to achieve a common goal.

Registration and parking were easy. The entire entrance was flooded so it didn’t take too long to get wet.

Bag Check was under a tent so our bags remained dry the entire time.

I didn’t use the post race showers because I was so cold. Luckily I was able to remove all of the mud with my towel.

It took longer than I anticipated to complete. I believe it took close to four hours to complete.

I had to use my foil blanket around Mile 6. I’m glad I brought it with me because I was on the verge of hypothermia. That blanket saved my race.

Overall Assessment

This was the most difficult Tough Mudder I’ve completed. I truly earned by headband this time. I’m hoping the Tough Mudder in May 2017 is warmer and sunny. I’m not sure I can handle another race like this.

I have one final race of the season. The Zombie Fun Run 5K is right around the corner and I’m hoping to make it 3/3 as a survivor.

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