Mile 49: Event Day Experience – 2016 CBP Spartan Sprint

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I know this post race review is late…well really late, but I’ve finally found some time to share my review with all of you. I was very impressed with the CBP Spartan Sprint. In my opinion, it’s the best Spartan Race I’ve completed. It was challenging, but it was also more fun. OCR’s are great when they are challenging, but even better when I have fun during them. This Spartan Race had both and I am excited about the CBP Spartan Sprint next year.

The Course

The course was labeled as three miles through CBP. I saw some people post on social media they thought the course wasn’t three miles, but I can’t say for certain whether it was three miles or not.

I enjoyed this course because of the venue. From running through the visitors clubhouse, the bleachers and in part of the outfield was an awesome experience. At the same time it also required a lot of hard work. Running up and down the bleachers wasn’t easy. It also wasn’t easy trying to prevent myself from tripping on the chairs in the narrow aisles. Luckily for me I stayed on my two feet the entire time.


The Obstacles

Since I’ve never completed a Spartan Stadium Series race I wasn’t expecting the obstacles I faced. The standard Spartan obstacles were the Spear Throw, Hercules Hoist, Sandbag Carry, Monkey Bars, Walls and etc. In addition to those they also had some crossfit style obstacles such as: a weighted jump rope obstacle and box jumps. I thought these were new obstacles, but found out later these were the obstacles they use at Stadium Series races. It was definitely a nice change since I’ve been getting bored with Spartan obstacles. Seeing obstacles like these make me want to sign up for another Stadium Series race.


Another Spartan headband and t-shirt for my collection. I think i have enough Spartan t-shirts for an entire week. The medal I received is different than a regular Sprint medal. These are special medals for the Stadium Series races.


Highlight of the day and my race season was completing my first and only Spartan Trifecta. I’m very happy and proud of this accomplishment! However it won’t be one I’ll attempt to repeat. Next year I want to focus on other races and other types of running. My trifecta accomplishment is on display thanks to Marathon Medal Displays.

Side Notes

Registration was quick and easy. This is normal for every Spartan Race I’ve been at this year.

Bag Check was very secure and they had more than enough room for everyone’s bag.

There was no mud or water. I was dry the entire time. Races like these are a lot more enjoyable.

Spartan Staff released waves of 20 people every 3-5 minutes. We didn’t hit any lines at the obstacles.

I bought some trifecta SWAG after the race was over. The jacket I bought was supposed to be a men’s medium, but they gave me a women’s medium. It was pretty disappointing when I found this out. It’s been two weeks and I still don’t have the correct size jacket. I spend a lot of money on Spartan Race’s each year and this is very annoying. Hopefully I get the right one soon.

Mike’s dad, Frank, completed his first Spartan Race. I think he is considering the Palmerton Sprint in 2017.

Our official time was around 55 minutes. This is our quickest Spartan time as a team.

Overall Assessment

I highly recommend the CBP Spartan Sprint. I think if you’re a first time spartan then a Stadium Series race won’t be too hard or too overwhelming. It will be a good start before tackling a Sprint that is through the mountains.

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