Mile 41: Mid Season Obstacle Review

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I can’t believe it’s already the mid point to my racing season. Seven events down (Spartan Beast, MD Savage Race, Tough Mudder, MuckFest MS, PA Rugged Maniac, BattleFrog 8K and PA Savage Race) and only six more to go (NJ Rugged Maniac, Spartan Super, Terrain Race, Warrior Dash, Spartan Stadium Sprint and the Zombie Fun Run). I’m still debating about adding the Civilian Military Combine (CMC Race) or the second Maryland Savage Race. The CMC Race looks awesome and you already know my thoughts on the Savage Race. Maybe I’ll get to one of those.

The past seven races have given me some great obstacles. Each race I’ve had a favorite obstacle, but there were also some other obstacles that were either odd, creative or just completely challenging. I took each race I completed and picked out an obstacle that stood out to me, but wasn’t my favorite. Obstacles are what make these races challenging and fun. So let’s see what kind of obstacles you can expect to find on race day.

Spartan Beast

Obstacle: Spartan Sled

This is a brutal obstacle. I can say this confidently because no one on our team could move the sled an inch. Even our muscle man, Keith, needed help on this one. Just imagine a solid metal sled with two heavy sand bags on them. Attached to this is a rope that you’ll need to pull in order for the sled to move. Now make it worse by letting the sandbags absorb rain water from the previous day’s rain. This obstacle requires some serious guns. We had to do this obstacle twice! Once with the sandbags and the second without them.

Advice: if you’re in the open heat you should team up with someone. It makes it a manageable weight to pull. However you should try attempting it yourself first.


Savage Race

Obstacle: Sawtooth

This is one of Savage Race’s signature obstacles. From the ground it’s intimidating and while crossing it even more intimidating. You’ll need a ton of grip strength to cross these monkey bars. Oh yeah, if you fall you’ll end up in a muddy pool of water down below.

Advice: don’t look down and keep moving. Once you lose momentum your chances of dropping increase.


Tough Mudder

Obstacle: Pyramid Scheme

Teamwork and a plan are two requirements for this obstacle. You and your team will have to climb up and over an incline slip wall. If you don’t get your team in the right order then you could end up spending a lot of time at this obstacle. I saw lots of teams try it multiple times.

Advice: people with strong legs should be at the bottom to support everyone’s weight when climbing up.


MuckFest MS

Obstacle: The Abbvie Spinner

Hang on to a ring as the giant arms swing you over the water. If you want to make it more challenging then don’t let your feet hit the water below.

Advice: hang on and enjoy the ride. However if you drop make sure to get out of the way so you don’t get a shoe to the face.


Rugged Maniac

Obstacle: Bang The Gong

Run. Jump. Reach. If you follow those three easy steps you’ll be able to bang the gong. You’ll run and jump on the tiny trampoline pad to launch yourself up and forward towards the gong. Be careful though, the water you’ll land in is only four foot deep.

Advice: Try your best to land on two feet at the same time. It makes for a smooth and safer landing.


BattleFrog 8K

Obstacle: Jerry Can Carry

This was the toughest obstacle for me at BattleFrog. I carried two 45lb. jerry cans through the woods for roughly a quarter mile. They have smaller cans in case you don’t feel comfortable with that weight. I thought I didn’t have a choice.

Advice: you can stop at any time to put your cans down. Work at your own pace.


I love obstacles! They are the main thing that make this sport great. I hope the second half of the race season has even better obstacles than the first half. With some new and exciting races coming up I’m sure the obstacles will be challenging, but more importantly fun.

In the next mile I’ll surprise you with a secret topic…AKA I have no idea what I’m going to write about since there is no race this weekend.

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