Mile 33: Savage Race Obstacles…What You Need to Know!

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Everyone loves new obstacles. It can get kinda lame doing the same obstacle over and over again. The first link I click on before registering for any race is the “obstacles” link. I want to see where my money is going. Is it going towards the experience or is it going into someone’s pocket? By someone’s pocket I mean that they are doing just enough to be a major player, but not putting more into the race. Obstacles are what make OCR great. This is where Savage Race sets themselves apart from the other big name players in OCR. Sure, other races offer new obstacles, but Savage Race obstacles have some thought behind them. So let’s take a look at these new obstacles:

  1. Squeeze Play – Prepare to drop to your hands and knees for this one! You’ll also want to get as low to the ground as you can. If you can’t get low then the swiveling barrels will force you to the ground as you squeeze beneath them. Completion Rate: 95%. I guess some people are still stuck in the mud on this one. 13124926_1151639928191558_3164859876613909288_n
  2. Pole Cat – Definitely looks a lot easier than it is. It’s also an obstacle not made for short people. This obstacle will test your core strength. So if you haven’t been working on your planks then this obstacle could trip you up. You’ll cross a pool of muddy water by shimmying your arms and legs along two parallel bars. Did I mention that the bars change height halfway through? I waited in line for this obstacle and it was totally worth it! Completion Rate: 64%13124451_1151636864858531_686237093435483314_n
  3. Big Cheese – No, you cannot eat cheese at this obstacle. Climb the obstacle using the swiss cheese holes for footing. Don’t listen to all the wood creaking while doing this. Just know the faster you get up and faster you’ll be back on the ground. Completion Rate: 90%10392122_1119067881448763_3005838879980355458_n
  4. On The Fence – This was my favorite obstacle of the day. At first I didn’t think I could complete it. After watching the first two people in front of me drop I thought I would be next. Turns out my fence scaling skills were on point. Use only your hands and the points of your shoes to get across this obstacle. Don’t worry though, should your fingers or toes slip you’ll fall gracefully fall into the water below. Completion Rate: 58%12592638_1128278057194412_7651225934403908662_n
  5. SavageRig – If you’ve done a rig at either a Spartan Race or BattleFrog then you know what this is. The set up is never the same, but the one at the Maryland race was difficult. We started with swinging rings that lead to poles followed by a short section of rope swing. I made it to the first pole before slipping. You’ll need a lot of grip strength to overcome this obstacle. Completion Rate: 50% 13179375_1151638831525001_2999472178102791304_n

Another obstacle I want to highlight is Wheel World. It’s technically not new, but it deserves some recognition. This makes monkey bars look lame. The wheel spins as you try to cross without falling into the muddy water below. You have to find the right rhythm in order to make it across. Completion Rate 55%


These obstacles along with the other Savage Race obstacles were some of the best I’ve encountered in a single event. A lot of people are talking highly about them all over the OCR community. You need to do a Savage Race, trust me you won’t regret it.

In the next mile I’ll share my first product review for Sleefs arm sleeves.

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