Mile 3: The Running Dead

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Now before you get too excited, I’m sorry to report this is not a spin-off series of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Although if you think about it, with the amount of running in that show, a strong argument could be made for creating The Running Dead. Unfortunately for any Walking Dead fans out there, this post is about my current running team.

To give you a brief history, our team hasn’t always been called The Running Dead. I wish I thought of it when we first started, but I wasn’t that creative back then. Since then my creativity has hit an all-time high! Harvel, a friend who is no longer on the team, created our first team name: F*** This I’m Out (Team F.T.I.O.). He thought of it after seeing the video for the “Run For Your Lives” race. He did the race anyway, so he wasn’t really “out.” We registered under this name for three races, which I will get to in later posts. In late 2013 we all collectively decided to rename the team The Running Dead. It really is a fitting name if you think about it. You look and feel like death after these races sometimes. The funny part about our name is the “running” part. We don’t actually run, but maintain more of a mild jog throughout most of the race. In hindsight, we probably should have been The Jogging Dead, but “running” sounds much more legit. At every race we get compliments on our name, so I take great pride in that. The name for your running team needs to be creative, and I’m happy to say we nailed that one.

Now that you know how we got our awesome team name, let’s talk about the characters that make up this team. I call them “characters” because that is basically who they are. They each have a different personality that helps the team succeed in crossing the finish line. For now I’ll only mention the “main characters.” We’ll meet more supporting characters along the way in greater detail.

First, there is Keith. He is the muscle guy of the group. Besides wearing his Go-Pro he also wears extremely uncomfortable spandex shorts. I’m glad he wears his Go-Pro (not so much the spandex) because he gets some good action shots of each race. Then we have his wife Cait. If you remember from my last post I mentioned two people getting engaged at a race. Yeah, that’s these two lovebirds. Cait provides us with the humor. Typically you’ll find her playfully fighting with Keith, which is always a nice relief when the race gets tough. In case you are wondering, she did cry when Keith proposed at the finish line.

Next, we have Mike and Angie, another couple on the team. It seems there’s a trend here, doesn’t it? Mike and Angie have been on the team since the very beginning. Mike is quiet while Angie is a “beast,” according to Cait. She got this nickname because of a monkey bar obstacle she dominated at the Spartan Sprint in 2015.

Lastly, there is John. He joined us midway through the 2014 season. A lot can be said about John, but he’ll always be remembered for almost getting knocked out by a low hanging branch during one of the courses. He is a goofball, but he is always determined to try every obstacle even if he might get knocked out. In all seriousness, we are glad to have John on the team.

I really enjoy the people I run with during OCR. To be honest, if I didn’t run with this team I probably wouldn’t run at all. It’s extremely important to do these races with great people. They will be your support system when you need it most.

In the next mile I’ll talk about forming a fun team for your OCR, and specifically what things you might and might not need.

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