Mile 26: 2015 OCR Event Rankings

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Woo hoo we did it! We completed 26 miles for a marathon of posts. Thanks for sticking around with me. I hope you’ve enjoyed it like I have.

I really enjoy posting my season end event rankings. It’s a good time to sit back and look at all the crazy obstacles I completed. Sometimes I can’t believe I pay to do this stuff. If you have the same thoughts then at least I know I’m not crazy. This year was pretty difficult for rankings since I enjoyed each race I completed. Nonetheless the rankings need to be completed so here we go…

Warrior Dash

It pains me to put this race as last, but compared to the other races it lacks some serious OCR necessities. In order for the Warrior Dash to get a higher ranking they have to offer more obstacles. 12 obstacles in three miles just doesn’t cut it, in my opinion. It won’t steer me away from registering for another one, but it will keep them last on my ranking list.

Favorite: the SWAG because they offer the best medals, t-shirts and even a helmet hat. I’ve got three of them now!

Least Favorite: the obstacles because they need to be a little more creative. Cargo nets and walls don’t present too much of a challenge.

The Zombie Fun Run

Ah! A huge drop from 2015. The defending champion drops all the way to the fourth spot. It’s nothing personal, but this race just doesn’t compare to BattleFrog, Spartan Sprint or Tough Mudder. Since it’s not a true OCR I can’t really expect much. They do the best with what they have to work with. I’ll be back in 2016!

Favorite: the night time wave because it provided a different challenge and fun aspect to an already awesome race.

Least Favorite: the zombies because there were none. Ok, they had zombies, but not enough of them!

BattleFrog 8k

The first year race comes in third place. I honestly could see this race go higher next year. It had everything I could want in an OCR. It’s one of the most talked about races amongst the OCR community. This a must register race for everyone!

Favorite: the obstacles because they were so creative and challenging. This race had very different obstacles compared to the others.

Least Favorite: the line at the cargo net because it jammed the race up for everyone.

Spartan Sprint

For the second consecutive year the Spartan Sprint ranks in second place. This race is tough and definitely not for the beginner. It’s the toughest race physically of any race I’ve completed. Each year they make it more difficult with new obstacles and course layouts. I can only imagine the challenge in store for the Spartan Super in 2016.

Favorite: the challenge because everything is a challenge about this race. From signing up to crossing the line you need the “I can” attitude.

Least Favorite: the post race festivities because there really aren’t any. You finish and leave.

Tough Mudder

I was pretty surprised this made the top of my ranking list. For a race that I never wanted to complete I was really impressed with Tough Mudder. They definitely set the bar high on their standards and only the Spartan Race is close to them. Sign up for a Tough Mudder you won’t regret it!

Favorite: the teamwork because it’s an awesome experience for you, your friends and the strangers you meet a long the way.

Least Favorite: the price because it’s overpriced. I know you are getting a lot in return, but the price is still too high. It’s probably a major factor for why people don’t try this race.

2015 was an awesome race season. We competed in one less event (thanks to three weddings in three weekends), but we plan to make up for that in 2016. There will be some new races and new contenders for the top spot. Stick around, it’s right around the corner.

In the next mile I’ll present my obstacle awards for 2015.

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