Mile 25: Event Day Experience – The Zombie Fun Run #2…with A Twist

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For the second consecutive year our season finale was the Zombie Fun Run. It was held the second weekend in November so we expected it be cold again. We registered for the same time at our previous year. Keith, Angie and Mike all registered too. Cait sat this one out due to injury. She was pretty bummed because she really wanted another shot at the Survivor medal.

Due to unforeseen scheduling issues we switched our start time for the morning to the evening. Yes, that’s right we raced at night on the zombie filled course! Since we switched there was an additional $5.00 fee, but we got a glow bracelet for visibility. Seems pretty fair right? I wore a headlamp for the race. I did some research on this and most reviewers have said that a headlamp does help in dimly light areas. It ended up being a good decision.

What was the best part about racing at night? There was nobody there! The place was pretty much empty. I guess more people would prefer to fend off zombies during the day rather than at night. We got all checked in and were able to jump right onto the course after a small course overview by the organizers.

Since we raced at night you would think it would be pretty cold. This wasn’t the case. We raced in 50 degree temperatures compared to 32 degrees the year prior. I was still bundled up though, but I wore too many layers. Mistake #5. It was my first night race and I thought the temperature would drop.

I made it through the first quarter mile without getting a flag snatched. Unfortunately, for Mike he was missing two flags after the first quarter mile. Both Keith and Angie had all their flags. We were off to a pretty decent start. For the entire race we stuck with another group of about nine people. Since there wasn’t a lot of people running, the zombies had the advantage.

The course was pretty the same as the pervious year. The obstacles were pretty much the same too. They had a few different ones such as: Gorilla Bars, Heavy Weight Transport, Corn Shock Tunnel, Sling Shot Shootout, Rope Climb and Mud Pit Army Crawl. The heavy weight transport, sling shot shootout and rope climb were all gain a life stations. Since I had all my lives at each of these I could not participate. Chances are I would have failed the sling shot and rope climb challenges. The gorilla bars were difficult too. I wasn’t able to complete that one. It could have been because I didn’t have my gloves. Yes, I forgot them again. Mistake #6. I skipped Corn Shock Tunnel. After my experience at the Tough Mudder, I’ve been shocked enough this year.

I thought the biggest surprise of the whole race was the Mud Pit Army Crawl. In 2014 they didn’t have a lot mud on the course. This year there was no avoiding it. The mud was cold and thick too! Luckily I took the path to the right, with less mud. People that chose the left path were covered in mud. It was a nice added feature to the race.

Even though the course was the same length it seemed a lot shorter. They added more obstacles so we thought the race would be longer. I was pretty surprised when we got to the final mile and I still had all my flags left.

As we went through the final parts of the hayride section we all had a flag or two left. When I get this close I start thinking about trying not to lose any flags at all. We got to the last obstacle, Rings of Fire, I realized I was going to finish with all three flags. It was an awesome feeling because it was always a goal of mine to finish with three flags. It got even better…everyone else finished with at least one flag too! That meant for the first time in The Running Dead’s history everyone was a survivor after a zombie run. Angie was pretty happy because it was her first time being a survivor. Everyone on the team did a great job!

We got our Survivor medals and t-shirts right after the race. Another added feature to racing at night was getting a black t-shirt instead of a white one. We got them customized with Survivor on the back. They had an area where they were taking team pictures too. Of course we took advantage of that!

The only negative about the race was the obvious fact there weren’t as many zombies at night compared to the day. The zone that had 15 zombies in 2014 had maybe five this year. It was disappointing because I don’t think we had to work as hard in zombie zones. They made up for it in the obstacles, but I would rather have more zombies than obstacles at a zombie themed race. Maybe next year they will have more.

I plan on doing this race again and I’d rather race at night. It added an eerie challenge that would be missed during the day. Everyone else agreed too that night time racing for this event is definitely better. Can we repeat as survivors? Tune in next year and find out!

In the next mile I’ll share my event rankings for 2015. There could be some surprises!

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