Mile 23: Event Day Experience – Warrior Dash #3

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I’ll start off by saying I’m a big fan of the Warrior Dash. It’s a more laid back race than any of the others. It’s the only race where I enjoy every moment. I enjoy each race, but there is something about the Warrior Dash that makes it so easy to sign up. It could be the price, since they are one of the cheapest. Not many people seem to give this race any love. I know it’s not the hardest OCR out there, but it’s still an OCR. I signed up for this race immediately after the 2014 race to take advantage of promo pricing. Also since I choose to race at 10:45am there is a fee automatically included that goes towards St. Jude’s Children Hospital. Racing more a cause makes the race more meaningful and Warrior Dash has raised millions of dollars for this charity.

The race was in late August so it was going to be a hot one. This would be my first race with Alan since Run For Your Lives in 2012. It was also his “last hurrah” before his wedding in October. Since I was Alan’s best man this race would be pretty special for both of us. We got there early and took full advantage of all the vendors giving away free stuff. Always take advantage of the free stuff! We decided instead of waiting for our wave we were just going to jump into an earlier wave. Warrior Dash isn’t really strict with the start times. We knew we shouldn’t have done this, but we did it anyway.

We were moving pretty fast through the course. We didn’t hit many obstacles in the first mile or so. It seemed like they stacked their obstacles for the final two miles. Since it had been a dry summer the course wasn’t very muddy other than what they tried to make muddy. At about the halfway mark we hit the Mud Mounds. They made them pretty tall and a lot of people were having difficulty getting over them. People’s shoes were just sinking into the mud. Alan and I didn’t have much difficulty on this and quickly made our way through it.

We completed each obstacle and were flying through the course. If I had kept track I’d say it was a personal best for this race. The final series of obstacles included Plunge, High Tension, Hard Rain, Goliath and Warrior Roast. All the obstacles were quite enjoyable. The best part was we hit no lines. Everyone was moving forward at about the same pace. The final obstacle was the mud pit. Again, another mud pit right before the finish line. Yay! We crossed the line and got our medals. The medals were different this year. They added a magnetic backing so you could hang it on the fridge. They definitely have the most unique medals out of any OCR.

Another race complete. I thought this was my favorite Warrior Dash. This is good for them because it means repeat business. I registered for the 2016 race the next day! Maybe you can tell that I really can’t get enough of this race. If they had others closer I would consider trying a different course to see if I liked it any better or not. Alan had a great time too and I’m hoping he joins me for the 2016 race. If not I could be on my own for that one. Que sad music!

In the next mile I’ll review the toughest race yet…Tough Mudder.

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