Mile 20: Save Your Money for the Mud

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Who doesn’t like to save money? Considering how much you invest into the sport already you’ll want to cut costs wherever you can. Besides getting a sponsorship deal, it appears most of us will continue to pay our own way for these events. Have you ever calculated the amount of money you’ve spent at a race or after the season? I’m too afraid to do that. It could probably fund a vacation or two. In my short OCR career I’ve noticed that saving money on these events is pretty easy. I’ll share some of my tips with you so you can save too!


Volunteer- I have yet to do this, but it’s a quick and easy way to save money. Some races will let you race for free if you volunteer. The hardest part about volunteering is finding the time and nearest location. Also you’ll need to volunteer before your event date. Volunteering keeps the our registration costs low too! There is nothing better than free labor.
Sign up immediately after the race- Most organizers will offer you a significant discount for next year’s event if you sign up a week or two after you’ve completed their event. Spartan, Warrior Dash and BattleFrog all do this. The only downfall to this is you are planning for something far in advance. You might now know your schedule in a year from now. Example: Keith and Cait planned their engagement party the same day as the Savage Race. Don’t be a Keith and Cait!
Take advantage of early bird registration- All races offer early bird registration. The earlier you sign up the cheaper it will be for you. Never sign up for a race at full price unless it’s your only option. Event day registration is outrageous!
Promo pricing…find it- There is almost always a promo code out there for every race. Simply use Google and start plugging away all the promo codes you come across. If none of those work then sign up to for the events email list. You’ll be bombarded with emails, but also with some decent promo codes. These also include promo codes for gear and apparel.
Carpool- A fee for parking is just another way for them to get more money from you. Unfortunately, there is no promo code for free parking. If you carpool with your friends then the $10.00 or $20.00 parking fee is cheaper for everyone. Don’t forget to throw some gas money in there for the driver.
Combine your bags- A fee for bag check is the worst thing you’ll pay for all day. If your sneaky, you can combine your bags into one huge bag and pay for just one bag. I’ve strapped bags to my bag and have been successful with this. There is chance they won’t allow this, but there is no harm in trying. You can always leave your bag in the car if you really don’t want to pay at all.
Merchandise- Sometimes gear and apparel is cheaper at the event rather than buying it online. If your event is close and you really want that hoodie or hat I suggest waiting until race day. You’ll at least save money on shipping.


As I come across deals and steals I’ll post to share with you guys. Additionally if you see any deals feel free to post them here. We’re all in the business to save money!


In the next mile I’ll review my first BattleFrog 8k race. A truly awesome OCR.

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