Mile 19: 2014 Obstacle Awards

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Alright, so I have four different award categories for the obstacles I encountered during 2014. The awards are as follows: The Favorite Obstacle, The Hardest Obstacle, The Bizarre Obstacle and The Worst Obstacle. For each one i’ll give brief explanation of my reasoning and a few honorable mentions.

The Favorite Obstacle

This award goes to…the Spear Throw of the Spartan Sprint. I selected this obstacle because it provides a different kind of challenge. It’s both physical and mental. You can’t just walk up and throw the spear and hope for the best. A plan must be made prior to the throw. Plus, I got to throw a spear there isn’t anything better than that.

Honorable Mentions: Monkey Net (Spartan Race) and Goliath (Warrior Dash)


The Hardest Obstacle

This award goes to…the Bucket Brigade of the Spartan Sprint. In my opinion, there is nothing tougher than this obstacle. It requires a lot of strength and determination. When I completed it my arms were sore, but my pride was sky high! Just for the record, in order to be eligible for The Hardest Obstacle award I had to have completed it. Sorry, Rope Climb you might never win this one.

Honorable Mentions: Shriveled Richard (Savage Race) and Hercules Hoist (Spartan Sprint)


The Bizarre Obstacle

This award goes to…Thor’s Grundle of the Savage Race. Not just because of the name, but because of the concept. Instead of going over the mud I went under it. It’s pretty gross and not a fun experience. Make sure you have water ready or your eyes will be brown for awhile.

Honorable Mentions: Teeter Tuber (Savage Race) and Give Me 20 (Merrell Down & Dirty)


The Worst Obstacle

This award goes to…Davy Jones Locker of the Savage Race. I know it really doesn’t seem Savage Race can’t get any love. If you love water obstacles you’ll love the Savage Race. Since I don’t then I have to rank this as the worst obstacle I completed. It’s intimidating and even a little dangerous. Your putting a lot of trust into the scuba diver to save you in case something happens. Damn you Scuba Steve!

Honorable Mentions…Shriveled Richard (Savage Race) and Sand Bag Carry (Spartan Sprint)

It was pretty difficult selecting the award winners for these categories. Each year I plan on adding new categories to the list. If you have any ideas feel free to share. Also, I’d really love to hear your award winners for the obstacles you encountered.

In the next mile I’ll share some money saving tips so you can race for the lowest price.

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