Mile 18: 2014 OCR Event Rankings

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As you can see 2014 was a busy year for The Running Dead. We completed six events from June to November. To recap, those events were: ROC Race, Spartan Sprint, Merrell Down & Dirty, Warrior Dash, Savage Race and The Zombie Fun Run. With all those events, it’s hard to rank them, but it must be done. For each event I’ll give my favorite and least favorite part. Ok, let’s start from the bottom and work our way up.

Savage Race
This shouldn’t come as much surprise given my post about this event. Besides being left to survive on my own and the rain, I just really didn’t enjoy this race. The SWAG was below average and there were too many water obstacles. There isn’t much anyone can do about the obstacles, but c’mon Savage Race let’s offer some better medals and shirts. We are paying for those included options!
Favorite: The course because it incorporated different terrains that included: open fields, corn fields, woods and trails. Everything you could want in an OCR.
Least Favorite: The water obstacles because it felt like each one was same. You’d have to crawl, hang, jump and etc. across water. It’s an OCR not an WCR (Water Course Race).
Merrell Down & Dirty
This race left you wanting more of a challenge. They had decent obstacles, but nothing that was too exciting or demanding. I thought the hardest part was just running the six mile course. I’m planning on giving this one another shot since I’ve heard it is better.
Favorite: the event because they had a lot of vendors, a nice area for spectators and the DJ was playing some really good music to get you pumped up for the race.
Least Favorite: the course because it wasn’t a stereotypical OCR scene. At one point we were running behind a condo complex.
Warrior Dash
It’s hard to rank this race at the halfway mark, but, important decisions must be made. Don’t get me wrong I truly love the Warrior Dash, but I think they can do better.
Favorite: the venue because it’s really awesome running around a track that guys go 200mph on. Sometimes they even have cars or motorcycles on the course while running.
Least Favorite: the lines because no one wants to wait in line for an obstacle. It seems to happen at one or two obstacles, especially towards the end.
ROC Race
I wasn’t expecting this to be above Warrior Dash, but here it is. The ROC Race is a different and unique race. It might not have all the mud and hardcore obstacles, but it made up for it with the inflatable obstacles. Those were a lot of fun!
Favorite: the obstacles because each one made you laugh at how stupid it made you look.
Least Favorite: the SWAG because it wasn’t really anything special. Just a simple white t-shirt. Also, if not offering a medal a headband would be nice.
Spartan Sprint
It was oh so close to being first overall. The Spartan Sprint has everything you could want in an OCR. They always have everything together on race day. The only way to make it better would be to make it cheaper. Easier, said than done.
Favorite: the people because everyone has an “all in” attitude.
Least Favorite: the event day photos because they didn’t even get one photo of me. Do they not know who I am? I did pay for those in my registration.
The Zombie Fun Run
You might think it’s lame I ranked this above all the others, but I did! This race is just fun. It’s that plain and simple. I enjoyed each moment from beginning to end.
Favorite: the zombies because they gave it their all to get our flags. Some were pretty aggressive.
Least Favorite: the mechanical bull because of the choice of obstacle. This isn’t an obstacle so get rid of it.
Well, there you have it my OCR rankings for 2014. It really wasn’t easy making this list. I hope that each year I get to add a race or two to it to make it even harder. We have a lot planned for 2015 so you all have a lot to look forward to.
In the next mile I’ll explain  my obstacle awards of 2014.

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