Mile 17: Event Day Experience – The Zombie Fun Run

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This was our final race of the 2014 season. It was also the race we looked forward to the most. Keith, Cait, Angie and John were also registered for this. The race was held in November, which meant it was cold! I’m not a fan of cold weather runs, but at least I had the zombies to look forward to. The Zombie Fun Run was held at Field of Screams in Lancaster, PA. You know, where all the Amish live. The course was three miles with some obstacles, but the zombies were the main attraction. The coolest part about this race, besides the zombies of course, was that the course went through a corn maze and hayride attraction. It was just awesome! The race was very similar to Run For Your Lives. We got a flag football belt with three lives that the zombies would try to take. Seems pretty simple right?

Our start time was at 11:30am. It was a very brisk 30 degrees, but the sun was out. After we got checked in and were informed of all the rules we got underway. It was cold initially, but we warmed up pretty fast so the cold didn’t really bother us. We got to the first zombie zone and yet again I lost a flag in the first quarter mile. This seems to be a trend with me! Luckily, they had two challenge obstacles where I could earn a flag back. I was definitely going to take advantage of that when I got to it.

The first obstacle were log balance beams. We completed those with no issues and moved on to a sandbag carry obstacle. This is where I earned my flag back. So if you are keeping track I’m back to three flags. Following that we went into the woods, through some trails and jump a small stream of water. Judging by the shoe prints some people didn’t make it. This was the only water obstacle on the entire course.

Side Note: I realized I misplaced the flag I earned back. This was pretty upsetting. I thought I attached to my belt but I guess I didn’t attach it all the way. So I was back to two flags.

We came across a pretty big zombie zone after doing a rope swing in a barn. There were probably about 15 zombies just waiting to take our flags. We were with a pretty big group so we all ran at full sprint at the same time. Everyone made it across except for John. For some reason he didn’t run with all of us. Instead, he went through the entire hoard by himself and came out with all his flags. He even fell down at one point. Way to go John, it was pretty impressive.

By the time we got to the second obstacle to earn a flag back most of us were missing a flag or two. The obstacle was riding a mechanical bull for eight seconds. I knew there would be no way I could do this plus the line was long for this. I passed on getting my third flag back. Keith and John passed too. Angie and Cait completed this to earn a flag back.

Now we came to hard part of the course. Through the corn maze and the hayride. This is where most of the zombies were and the pace picked up. We didn’t get many breaks through the final part of the course. I ended up losing another flag, but I found the flag I thought I lost, which was in my pocket. I’d probably lose my head if it wasn’t attached.

While we were in the corn maze there was a creepy part where a bunch of children, mostly girls, were zombies. We had to crawl through this part without them taking our flags. They were quick, but all of us came out with our flags.

Do you remember when I mentioned John almost knocked himself out on an obstacle tunnel? This was that race. I felt really bad laughing, but it was pretty funny to see. Sorry John!

We crossed the finish line in about an hour, not including the time we waited at the mechanical bull obstacle. I finished with two flags and was considered a survivor. They had two medals at this event. One for the infected and one for the survivor. They also had a t-shirt company, on location, that did a custom infected or survivor logo on the back of the shirt. It was another awesome part of the experience. Keith was a survivor as well. Cait, Angie and John were all infected.

Everything about this race was awesome. They were organized, had great music, nice swag and the course was fun. If you live anywhere near Lancaster, PA this race is worth the registration. This was definitely on our list again for 2015.

Well, there you have it. That was our last OCR of 2014. It was a great year for all of us. We are already looking forward to the 2015 schedule. If you haven’t gotten excited about OCR yet then I must be doing something wrong.

In the next mile I’ll rank all the races from 2014.

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  1. John

    Hahaha that was a good day. I still can’t believe I passed all those zombies with all my flags. I figured if I ran like a running back playing flag football it would work and it did.

    Yes I remember smacking my head in that tunnel. I left a mark and I’m sure it was very funny lol. At least I was able to continue.

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