Mile 14: Event Day Experience – Warrior Dash #2

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This was our first race in rainy conditions. Since it was in late August the weather was still pretty warm, but it was a cool morning. Cait & Keith also ran with me along with John. It was his first race with us. He had done other OCR events, but with another team. We were scheduled for 10:45am, but left earlier than usual in case there was traffic. It rained the entire ride up to Pocono Raceway. We won’t lie the rain made us a little nervous.

We parked in the grass, which was more of a river than actual grass. Before we even checked in our shoes were already soaked. We got checked in and from there it didn’t rain the rest of the day. There weren’t many pre race festivities because of the conditions. Most people hung out in their cars or under tents. Rain definitely hurts event day business.

We started on time and the course was a mess. What normally wasn’t mud was now mud. It was very easy to slip and fall. The course was the exact same as the previous year, but with a few different obstacles.

Side note: The Warrior Dash is my favorite course. You race around a race track and along the way you come across old abandoned race cars and other vehicles. It’s really cool!

The sun came out a few times during the race which caused it to get warm pretty fast. It got nasty out whenever that happened. There was one water station along the way, which didn’t keep up with everyone needing water. The day may have started off cool, but the humidity definitely made the event harder.

Since we raced earlier we didn’t hit any lines. It’s always nice when this happens. I’m really impatient when it comes to waiting. The obstacles were better this year too. If you got rid of the rain the day would have been really nice.

We estimated it took about 45 minutes to complete the course again. We kept a pretty steady jog the entire time. Since its a flat course we didn’t get tired quickly. Before we crossed the finish line there was a huge mud pit we had to go through. With all the rain, instead of the mud being warm, it was cold. Warm mud is pretty gross, but I would take that over cold mud any day.

It was another fun experience at the Warrior Dash. We got awesome medals at the finish line and a pretty nice shirt. Since there wasn’t any post race activities we loaded up and traveled home. By the way, the parking lot was still a river so our “dry” shoes also got wet. Yuck!

In the next mile I’ll talk about the Merrell Down & Dirty…with a special surprise!

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