Mile 12: Event Day Experience – ROC 5k Race

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I heard about the ROC Race through Facebook. It popped up on my news feed, so of course, I clicked the link. This was the first new race I did any research on prior to signing up. It seemed to me to be a pretty fun and simple course. The event was held at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA. The three mile course covered the parking lot. It would have been cool if part of the race was on the baseball field, but to my disappointment it was not.

The ROC Race is not a traditional mud run or OCR. There is water, but instead of obstacles they have inflatables! I guess it’s more of an ICR (Inflatable Course Race) when you look at it. The inflatables were similar to the inflatables from the TV show Wipeout. Since I was a big fan of this show growing up, I was super excited for this race. In a way I felt I was living out a childhood dream.

Along with me there was Cait, my brother Tyler and his girlfriend Lauren. We did the race in June so the weather was perfect. Tyler is a pretty in shape guy, who spent a lot of time at the gym, while playing ice hockey. Lauren had never run a 5k her entire life. She was able to complete the race along with everyone else!

Side note: this was the race that Cait forgot her shoes. She had to wear her waterlogged shoes afterwards. Don’t be a Cait!

There was a good number of inflatables throughout the course and they were a lot of fun. The race wasn’t timed so you could run at your own pace. There also weren’t any lines at the inflatables. They did a good job of keeping the traffic moving forward. We finished the course pretty quickly. Personally, I kind of wish it took a little longer to finish. For the value of money paid the course could have been longer.

Tip: if you enjoy road races, but not OCR and want to “spice it up” a little I recommend this race. 5k’s can be boring, but this event breaks it up into fun segments.

There was no medal at the finish line for this event. The only souvenir you got was a t-shirt. The t-shirt wasn’t all that great. I can’t remember if there was a beer ticket or not for this event. If there was I didn’t use it or pass it along. We were able to take some nice post race photos in a foam area they set up outside. In addition to the photo area they had a nice post race area and many of the local restaurants were offering deals to runners.

Overall, I enjoyed the ROC Race, but I did not sign up for another one. It was a great time, but it’s not a race I feel I need to complete every year. It could be a fun race for your team if some don’t want to run an OCR.

Side note: this race is no longer held at Citizens Bank Park. In 2015 they moved the race to Wilmington, DE. Per their website, they only plan to hold four events in 2016. Race location is being determined by a vote. If you want to do a ROC Race then I suggest you submit your vote to your closest location.        

In the next mile I’ll talk about the Spartan Sprint 2014

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