Event Update: What’s New with Warrior Dash?

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The Warrior Dash has been building muddy and obstacle filled courses since 2009. To date over 3 million participants have completed a Warrior Dash. It’s one of the first obstacle races that hit the circuit in 2009. Warrior Dash is a 3 mile course with roughly twelve obstacles at each event. Their signature obstacles include Goliath, Mud Mounds and Warrior Roast. Along with their unique obstacles and muddy 3 mile course they also have one of the best festival areas in the sport. You’ll always see spectators and race participants hanging out in the festival with a stein in hand and feasting on some pork wings. It’s one of the few races I’ve been at where the festival area actually has people present. Warrior Dash is definitely a race you’ll want to complete and enjoy with teammates, family and friends.

The greatest part of being apart of the Warrior Dash is seeing their commitment to St. Jude’s. Warrior Dash has raised over $13 million dollars for St. Jude’s. No other obstacle racing series comes even close to raising this amount for a charity. It’s rewarding knowing that your contributing to a great organization.

Warrior Dash made some headlines recently and announced some new and exciting changes for their 2017 events. These changes include a new finisher t-shirt and medal and obstacles. Now, it’s fairly standard that finisher t-shirts and medals change from year to year, but new obstacles aren’t as common. This year Warrior Dash is introducing three new obstacles. They are: Bridge the Gap, Magic Carpet Ride and Pallet Jacked. All of them look like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, there are no photos available yet. However, below are a few details about each one.

Bridge the Gap

It appears stretching your calf muscles will be required on this one. You’ll ascend a pyramid of poles and climb to the top without falling between the gaps.

Magic Carpet Ride

Imagine taking a yoga mat and laying it across across. Then you have run across the yoga mat without falling into the water. This certainly will not be easy.

Pallet Jacked

Swing from pallet to pallet while suspended above water. This obstacle sounds like a lot of fun.

After learning about these new obstacles I’m a little disappointed that I won’t be able to try them in 2017. Hopefully they keep them around for 2018 when I can hopefully register for another Warrior Dash again!

To register for your first Warrior Dash visit Warrior Dash!

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