Beyond the Course with Katie

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In this interview you’ll meet Katie. She is also another original member of The Running Dead team. Katie is a true racing warrior. She’s completed two half marathons and numerous other road races and OCR’s. If you ever need to find a good race you can always count on Katie to find one. I’m surprised she hasn’t done a race that’s involved wine yet!


What is your current occupation?
I am an instructional assistant (read: teacher’s aid) in an early intervention autistic support classroom (it’s a lot more fun than it sounds… most days) as well as a one-on-one aid for a teenager with autism during the after school hours; a graduate student working on getting teaching certifications and a masters degree; AND I also teach cycling classes on the side in my ‘free’ time.


How many years have you been running?
I began running in January of 2012, after I began losing the weight I gained in college when my friend asked me to run the “Broad Street Run” – 10 miles when I have never run ONE solid mile before? Sure…


What are some of your other hobbies besides running?
Baking, cooking, kayaking, hiking, beaching (that’s a thing, right?) skiing and keeping my nails pretty with my Jamberry hobby.


What is your comfort” food?
I am a cookie monster, a huge wine-o, and I am always down for a GOOD slice of pizza and a cold beer.


What would you say your nickname on the team would be?
The Scardy-Cat.



1.       What was your first running event? What did you like about it? What didn’t you like about it?
My first running event was the Broad Street Run 10 miler in Philadelphia. The support along the course was outstanding – both from the crowd and the other athletes running. The only thing I didn’t love about it was that it was crowded; however, it really wasn’t terrible.


2.       What made you sign up for another race?
The runner’s high that you get! It makes you forget all those tough training days and the times of doubt. When you finish (and for weeks after), all you can think about is that you DID it!


3.       How many races have you completed?
Lucky number 13!


4.       Do you do other races besides road races? (Example: OCR, trail runs and etc.)
Obstacle Course runs (Zombie, Tough Mudder, Foam Fest) and Fun Runs (Color Run)


5.       How would you say you train for these races? Do you feel it helps?
The best way to train for OCR is just to do some running, but mostly focus on weight lifting – I specifically try to work my upper body more since that is a weak spot of mine. My power is in my legs.


6.       What is the hardest challenge you face on race day? How do you overcome this challenge? (Example: fear of heights, being intimidated, being embarrassed and etc.)
My biggest challenge is just sheer nervousness – it makes it hard to eat, but I always make sure that I drink my pineapple coconut water the night before and the morning of, and get a nice breakfast full of healthy fats and carbs for good energy!


7.       Which race has been your favorite?
The Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC. It was run by (mostly) women and took a nice scenic tour in the city, out to Arlington National Cemetery (where my grandparents are both buried), and along the water. The BEST part was at the finish line – instead of getting a medal, a Tiffany and Co. necklace was handed to me by a firefighter in a tuxedo!


8.       Which do you prefer a 5k, 10k, 15k, half marathon or full marathon?
Personally, I like half marathons a lot. It’s a grueling 13.1 miles, but it’s an amazing accomplishment and can be fun as long as the course isn’t awful (or hilly!).


9.       Which race has been the hardest to complete?
I think my the hardest race was the Tough Mudder because it was a challenge in many ways – the weather was cold, the obstacles were challenging, and as if that wasn’t enough, it was 10 miles long. It really put my body and my mind up for a challenge, which is WHY I like to do races!


10.   Which race do you want to complete?
I would really like to do the 7 Mile Bridge Run ( – it’s a race along the 7 mile bridge that connects mainland Florida to the Keys; SeaWheeze ( a half marathon/yoga festival in Vancouver, British Colombia; and finally the Disney Princess Half Marathon.


11.   What do you enjoy most about race day?
The nerves, the people on the sidelines cheering you on, and eating a huge meal when it’s all done!


12.   Would you recommend road racing to someone? What would you say to them about it?
I would recommend it to anyone – anyone can do it if they put their mind to it. But, partaking in the long distance runs, you need to mentally and physically prepare properly – getting enough sleep, eating well to fuel runs, and making sure to follow a good training plan. And if you’re like me and get injured easily, it’s important to have the proper shoes, braces, and equipment as well as making sure to train on a treadmill as much as possible.


13.   Why do you run these races?

I run because I can. I also run because I am inherently lazy and would totally rather be lying in bed all day. I need motivation to keep me moving, and signing up for the races does the trick. It keeps me training and in the gym, which keeps my food prep healthier, and makes me feel better all around.

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