BattleFrog Announces Location for Tri-State I Event

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BattleFrog recently announced their location for the Tri-State I event on June 18, 2016. They will not be returning to Englishtown Raceway, where the race was in 2015. Instead the race will now be held at:

Mount Allamuchy Scout Reservation
750 Waterloo Rd
Stanhope, NJ 07874

I thought when I signed up for the race shortly after the 2015 event it was at the same location. I guess I was wrong! I’m pretty bummed about this because I thought the location of the 2015 event was great. The course incorporated different terrains that made it challenging and fun. Also, not to mention that this race is now closer to New York, which means added travel time. I’m still looking forward to this race and hope that they develop an awesome course.

For more information about this race and the BattleFrog Racing Series please visit BattleFrog has become one of the most popular and highly anticipated events in OCR.

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