Jeff Cole currently resides in Chester County, Pennsylvania with his girlfriend, Eve, and two cats, Richie and Achillies. When he isn’t on the course you can find him playing ball hockey in a local recreational hockey league or at the firehouse. He considers himself a novice runner in OCR. Jeff has completed 37 OCR events and numerous local road races. He started writing his blog so he could share his experiences and reviews with other novice runners. Jeff hopes that through his blog he can help new and recreational runners grow and adapt to the sport of OCR. If you’re a runner, who likes eating pizza and occasionally working out, please follow his blog!

How did he get involved in the OCR world?: I attended the Run For Your Lives 5K in October 2012 with eight other friends. Showing up totally unprepared, we had no idea what to expect. After all of us completed the race I was hooked and immediately started researching for other similar events. This would be the start of my muddy journey.

Completed Races:

Savage Race (5x),Spartan Sprint (5x), Warrior Dash (4x), Tough Mudder (4x), Rugged Maniac (4x) The Zombie Fun Run 5K (3x), BattleFrog 8K (2x), MuckFest MS (2x), Goliathon (1x), Terrain Race (1x), Spartan Beast (1x), Spartan Super (1x), Hardcore Mudd Run-Sprint (1x), ROC Race (1x), Down & Dirty (1x) and Run For Your Lives 5K (1x)

Series Medals:

Savage Race Syndicate Medal (2x-2016 & 2017)

Spartan Race Trifecta (1x-2016)