Mile 35: Tough Mudder Obstacles…A Challenging Variety

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There are a couple different reasons why people always sign up for Tough Mudder events. Some people like the fact that it’s an untimed event centered around teamwork. Others enjoying a 10 mile hike with plenty of obstacles, most of … Continued

Mile 34: Event Day Experience – Philly Tough Mudder 2016

Philly Tough Mudder 2016 was incredible. Seriously, it was one of the best course set ups I’ve seen in my short OCR career. The venue was the same, but the course difficulty this time made this a “tough” Tough Mudder. … Continued

Product Review: Sleefs Arm Sleeves

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Going into the 2016 race season one of the biggest gear related items I wanted to invest in was compression arm sleeves. By using arm sleeves I know that I wouldn’t have to worry about wearing long sleeves under my … Continued

Mile 33: Savage Race Obstacles…What You Need to Know!

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Everyone loves new obstacles. It can get kinda lame doing the same obstacle over and over again. The first link I click on before registering for any race is the “obstacles” link. I want to see where my money is … Continued

Mile 32: Event Day Experience – Savage Race Maryland 2016

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The Savage Race really upped their OCR game from the last time I participated in their race. It was an all-new and better course (still at the same venue). The obstacles were tough and innovative. I can’t speak for what … Continued

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